Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Got stranded in Memphis after the flight to Dallas left without me last night. Spent the night in a hotel, courtesy of Delta. Caught the first flight out this morning. Made it to Dallas by noon. After being screwed over with costs @ Dollar Rent A Car I made it to my appointment.
I gave them enough blood to satisfy a ravenous vampire, got an EKG and got on the road to Austin since I won't be needed in Dallas again until noon on Monday.
It's a 3+ hour drive and I TRIED, but I'm exhausted so I gave out and got a room for the night. I'll head to Austin in the morning. It's been a LONG/busy 24 hours.

What I gather about the vaccine:
It's promising. I just have to stick around long enough to give it a chance to work. Results are slow to show- 8-12 weeks and maybe as long as 18 months.
With this big ass tumor in my pelvic area, the doc may say I should have surgery instead of the vaccine. It's unlikely but there is still a chance. I can have the vaccine AND surgery AND radiation if I need to.
It's cutting it close... If this tumor continues to grow at the rate it's going, I will HAVE to have surgery. There's really no way around that. And a colostomy bag. Whee.
But there is no hard, fast rule that says the tumor will still grow (happy thoughts, happy thoughts- stay with me folks, positive thinking) and maybe I'm just so damn special that the vaccine will work in a week.
It will work.

It. Will. Work.


  1. Oh, yes! It WILL work!
    Get some rest & have fun in Austin this week!!!

  2. Rachel! You should have called from the airport. Ken or I could have come and got you. You could have stayed here last night. But, I am glad that you made it to Dallas. Did you get the email I sent you about the doc in Cleveland?? Love ya!

  3. great are you to keep going in that horrible weather, just a true inspiration. Good Luck.....:-)Hugs

  4. It will work. IT WILL WORK.