Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lots to do

I called Dr Sugarbaker today to see if he'd take me on as a patient. No go. So I keep looking. I saw there was something promising in Boston. The next 2 days will be filled with phone calls and e-mails.
My cousin says she'd brew the essiac tea for me since it's a long drawn out process. Bluh.
More later...


  1. DId she say why?
    I'd try Sardi in Baltimore or Esquivel.

  2. I talked to Dr. Goodman in Baltimore. I think he's going to take me in. He's at Tufts.

  3. Never heard of him. Is he on the specialist list?

  4. Hi Rachael
    I have heard that Dr. Sugarbaker is cutting back on the amount of MOAS that he is doing these days...he is right around 70 years old.I recently had two consults out East with Sugarbaker and Sardi both would take me but I have selected Dr. Sardi and have MOAS very soon.
    Rachael if I were you I would get to Sardi ASAP...he is pretty aggressive and will take the tough cases....worth a try. Sorry I have not been keeping in touch with your blog....I don't like computers!
    Do It!