Thursday, June 24, 2010

Update.. feelin' good.

I talked to Dr. Goodman's office and they have been getting paperwork in. I should be hearing from Dr. Goodman Monday.
I think I'll be starting an (a-hem) asparagus experiment (you know- the viral e-mail "Asparagus Cures Cancer" deal that's been passed around) as soon as I get some canned asparagus. Nothing like starting your day with a couple spoonfulls of blended asparagus (buh-arfff). I figure it can't hurt... and maybe it would be okay in scrambled eggs or something. Never-the-less asparagus is healthy and I should be eating more of it anyway.

I will also be contacting the gurus at Mother Earth Food about herbal 'stuff' to take. Haven't gotten around to the essiac tea ((shudder)) but I will. I've been taking vitamins and eating my veggies. The hardest habit to get into... drinking more water. Need to. Shame on me.

I also got a free copy of "The Survivorship Net" and read it to Iris. It's a cute book... makes you a little misty-eyed. But it was a nice story about how everyone around you helps weave a net to catch you when you fall. The prayer warriors, the people who bring you dinner, the people who are there for a text or a phone call, the friends who offer inspiration with a letter or a card, the friends you've never met in person who encourage you to keep going, the doctors who do all they can for you, the nurses who help you- make you laugh with little notes (you know who you are), the volunteers who unplug your chemo pumps (so you can be mobile) for you when you just don't feel like it, the husband and family who do everything in their power for you, the children that love you and tell you you're beautiful no matter how ugly you're feeling that day, the friends who are constantly scheming to do something BIG for you, the mother-in-law that watches your kids 4 days a week, the co-workers who make you laugh when you're having the worst of days, the distant friends who give words of support every chance they get, the dad who does your yard work so your husband can help you with other stuff, the mom that is there when you just need to get out, the sister who's door is ALWAYS open..... get the idea?
I couldn't POSSIBLY start naming names, I would surely miss someone and I don't want to do that.

But I have a GREAT Survivorship Net. And today I've decided NOT to die in a year. So- Kiss My Ass Cancer.


  1. ooo... fancy new blog layout too! Lookin' good!

    Sheboygan Dan

  2. Glad to hear that Dr. GOODman is getting your paperwork in.

    I don't know about this asparagus diet but I can tell you that fresh asparagus roasted in the oven tastes awesome and it's easy. Preheat oven to 450. Rinse and dry asparagus, snap off tough ends, and toss with olive oil and salt on a baking sheet lined with aluminum foil. Bake, tossing a few times, until browned and tender. Season with freshly ground pepper. I think they taste like french fries this way - really.

    the kids book sounds wonderful

    Great to hear your updates.