Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Off with the Fannypack

I get this POS fannypack off today- hooray! In the meantime, side effects are kicking my ass. Nausea is constant, intestinal distress and a little fatigue. My hair isn't very pretty- I still have plenty- but it's dull looking and just blah.
I'm attempting to manage nausea during the day with some ginger candy chews my sister found in Athens, in the hippie section of Kroger. Fine by me!
We're going to the lake this 4th of July weekend, getting a cabin with the Greenwalts. Should be fun, as long as the side effects give me a break.
On the other vacation front, I think the fam and I may be headed for a week off sometime soon. Thinking New York- thanks to a couple of friends... one I've never even met. Crazy right? I'm constantly amazed by the generosity of others. I feel like I haven't even scratched the surface of paying it forward.
I will keep trying.

I am excited to see what other leads on treatment may hold. Hoping to be elegible to participate in clinical trials for new 'stuff'. My uncle has pointed me in a new direction- a new world of options I didn't know existed. It's frustrating to think there are these new treatments, but you have to DIG so hard to find them. Would I have even found out about them if he hadn't mentioned them? Grr. I'd hate to be on my deathbed and just find out "Oh, if you'd only done THIS..." B.S. I say. There should be booklets for different stages of cancer and different treatment options for what you have and a LIST of WHERE and WHO that may be able to help. If it weren't for the PMP lists and my uncle- I'd be shouting into the nothing-ness, hoping SOME doctor, SOMEwhere can hear me. Hell, I'd even considered putting my story on video and uploading it to You Tube in the hopes that someone would see it and tell some that knew someon that knew someone that might know what to do.
It's a tangled world of what do I do now? Which treatment is best? Who is THE best doctor? How do you make that decision? What if you went to the OTHER doctor? Would he or she be able to "fix" you if this one couldn't? Does it matter? Who do I listen to? The people who have been there? My gut feeling? The doctors that suggest?
Like I don't have enough doubt in my head already. I'm so afraid of making the wrong decision- and ultimately paying for it.
What to do, what to do?
Pfffft. I have laundry that needs done- Think I will concentrate on the fact that my hot and cold water lines are crossed... must fix that today. And have a nice glass of wine tonight. The cheap kind of course. Nice bubbly Lambrusco should do the trick. In celebration of detaching from this damned Fannypack.
Another Haiku (The idea of haikus inspired by Cindy Myers.. Thanks lady)
Suck it Fannypack
You're really no fun at all
I should Bedazzle

I'm waiting on a couple of doctors to call me today to say they are REALLY interested in me and want to do all these new, innovative, cutting edge procedures on me... free of cost. har har.

Heard from Dr. Goodman's office yesterday- they have everything but CT scans. So he should be calling me by Friday. they said to call them If I haven't heard from him by then.
Also waiting on The Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center to call me back. Waiting on my sister to call me and tell me that her pathology from HER surgery is clear. AND my mother is having her colonoscopy today. I think she should be done by now. I'm worried that might bear bad news. I'm worried both might bear bad news actually.
**update** Mom and Micki both all clear. Yay!**

I just hope MY crappy diganosis may help others catch possible problems early. And hoping that if I can help with a new treatment, that it will help if the girls test positive for Lynch Syndrome.

Fingers Crossed today for nothing but good news.

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