Monday, June 21, 2010

The Waiting Game...

I was stoked on June 4th when I was in Columbus, that I had gotten all the necessary paperwork signed to get my records sent to Dr. Goodman. I figured it would take a week or so to get all that crap faxed... so I e-mailed Dr. Goodman last week to see if he had all he needed (he would have been waiting on discs in the mail too.) He says he hasn't gotten ANYTHING.


Nope, not a thing. Not a thing from OSU Medical Center, nothing from the Strecker Center where I get my chemo. (release slips have been signed for both)

So I made some phone calls on Friday to straighten out the problem. The Strecker was apologetic and said they would get on it immediately... but the lady I spoke to at OSUMC was kinda snotty. I went to Dr. Arnold's OFFICE and filled out the request forms THERE to see that it would get done without any complications. Well, I was informed that where I was calling was at the hospital, not the office and that they only go to the office on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Hmmm, unless I'm wrong, there have been at least 2 Tuesdays and 2 Thursdays since then that you DIDN'T get the paperwork and get the stuff done. I will be calling today and tomorrow. And if for some reason the stuff doesn't get done by the end of the day tomorrow... I will simply pass the phone number on to some friends who will help make sure it gets done.
I PATIENTLY waited 2 weeks so they could get it done... 2 weeks might not be much to THEM, but it's a lot to me. It means 2 more weeks I have to wait to talk to a new Doctor that WANTS to treat me. 2 more weeks I may have to wait to get a surgery that MAY save my life.
So I hope the office gets their shit straight because I have an army of people just ITCHING to give them hell if it doesn't get done.
I love my friends. I'll release the Kracken on them... that will be a bad day for them. You don't want the wrath of my friend Karen (the Kracken)on you.... ever. She's relentless. I'm glad she's on my side.

I get irritated that every weekend I never seem to accomplish anywhere NEAR what I had intended on accomplishing. I don't know if it's a matter of expecting too much or being the super-underacheiver that I am. Maybe a little of both. THIS weekend, I hope to take the girls to a 'Walk with the animals' at the county fairgrounds. I hope it's not too hot.. cuz fat girl can sweat to put those WWE wrestlers to shame. Ick.
This past weekend- I did spend a good afternoon with my sister and dad. Though sometimes my sister can make me feel an inch tall. I'm not organized enough- I'm forgetful and a thousand other annoyances. She's still recovering from her surgery (thanks to Lynch Syndrome and cancer) so I try to help her out and let the other stuff slide off my back.

I wonder if there is a need to go through a depression to come out that much better on the other side? Is this my rock bottom and eventually I'll find my footing and come out of this funk with guns blazing? I sincerely want this to be overwith. I Really PREFER the happy me.

In honor of the "Happy Me" returning soon, here's a haiku...

Won't last forever, I think
It sucks major ass.


Want a Daquiri
Strawberry or Peach is good
I have a hangnail


Best wishes and thoughts to Cancer buddies out there. Hoping Mark keeps recoverinng at lightning speeed, hope Barbara gets the Hope she needs, Hope Loretta gets good news at the doc appt, hope Dan stays clear- FOREVER!
And still crossing my fingers that the measly couple thou my team raised for Cancer Research yields results, and soon. For everybody.


  1. Hey Rachel...if you need another friend to hoot and hollar at them...I'm an RN that's glad to do it and vouch for you !!!!

  2. I learned that a good thing about hitting rock bottom is you get to see what's really propping you up--when you sink down low is when you find your support pillars, your foundation. Namely, your friends, your family! Yes, I spent some time in my own psychological basement!! Did a little re-organizing, threw some stuff out, dusted out the cobwebs, etc. Turning it into a nice rec room. Okay, you get the analogy! :)