Thursday, April 7, 2011


I was on the phone today with the Mercy Medical Airlift people about taking care of my next flight to Dallas.
I had to get a hold of the American Cancer Society for my ID number and such.
They asked me if I had any questions about my cancer or suggestions and so on. Well the last time I asked any questions about appendix cancer, they didn't have any answers so I didn't think they would have any new answers this time. NOT knocking on the ACS by any means really. BUT I did have a suggestion: Educate themselves about appendix cancer. There isn't even an option of appendix cancer on the ACS website. It's THAT thinking that got me in trouble in the first place. Appendix cancer is it's own cancer. Just like breast cancer or lung cancer and so on. You don't treat appendix cancer like colon cancer or you'll likely get nowhere. It's the mentality that it can be treated like colon cancer that kills appendix cancer patients. If I'd have had the right friggin' diagnosis, things would have been a LOT different. I think patients need to have the right information instead of just lumping it into a bigger category just because it's convenient.
I suggested that the ACS look into appendix cancer information and pass it on through their website.
Plus, I suggested they include more information about Lynch Syndrome.
So I've become an activist.

Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho
Appendix Cancer's Got To Go...


  1. Rachel, working in hospice care for more years than I care to remember and also being a Breast Cancer survivor I have to say never have I heard of Appendix Cancer on its own, I have heard of it being found in organs near the appendix which then spread but never just by itself. I am glad you have made the suggestion you did, I wonder how many others had what you do but it has been called something else.....knowledge is powerful and it is important that we be informed. Not only to help ourselves but others as well. Always in my heart and prayers...:-)Hugs

  2. You go... and while you are going, I'm intending the medicine is working and the tumors are shrinking - right now!! This IS for the highest and best good of all be it and SO IT IS...!!! whooooooo