Monday, April 4, 2011

Round 3

Today I get shot #3. Also, today is officially the 8 week mark. The doctors said that the shots take 8-12 weeks to start working. Of course, they said that it can take LONGER. Like 18 MONTHS- longer. Let's hope that the vaccine is closer to the 8 week mark for working.
I still don't feel anything "working." A lot of people... well everyone that knows what's going on asks the question "Can you feel anything different?"
My answer is "I don't think anything is growing, but I don't think it's shrinking at this point either."
With Lynch Syndrome- it's hard to tell what this vaccine will do for me. Maybe it will be totally ineffective or maybe (Pollyanna) it will be the big cure for regular cancer AND the secret key to Lynch Syndrome. Eh. I try not to be a pessimist, but I can't repeatedly get my hopes up only to have them dashed again and again. I mean, 15 rounds of chemo for colon cancer and I don't have colon cancer... 2 IPHP surgeries that I didn't need, nor did they have any effect on the cancer. 1 HIPEC surgery attempt that couldn't be completed. The whole experience has been one let-down after another. So it's weird to put all my hope into a little shot in the arm. I'm not getting any other treatment. It's scary.
So we'll see what my blood tests look like and what the docs say today.

I got into Dallas at 9:30 Saturday night- meeting up with my friend Karen- she flew in from Missouri to meet me for my shot and for well, just hanging out for a couple of days. My friend, Jason and his wife (Who I occasionally stay with when I come to Dallas) held a get-together for Fallon Navy people at their house yesterday. I had a great time. I saw a couple that I was stationed with- they got married in Fallon and are still together. My friend Danny and his wife, Dayla were there. And I invited a Navy friend from Corpus Christi who lives in Tyler, TX. I finally got to meet her kids. :)
I guess some other Fallon-ites were a upset cuz they thought it was a reunion that we didn't tell everybody about. So I guess when I come out in June or July we'll do a bigger reunion. I hope airfare comes down.
Well, I must get ready for the appointment- breakfast at IHOP.


  1. Like the new format, very creative!

    Wishing you the best, Rachel!


  2. I like the new format as well... good healing colors!!! And I am intending that the news today is good, good, good and that all the good cells are doing what they are supposed to do and the bad cells are getting their eviction notice and are leaving!!! All this IS for the highest and best good of all concerned... so be it and SO IT IS!!! Whoooooooo!

  3. Gosh you have been through the mill my friend. I hope today went really well and I also hope you get good news from your doctors. Take care, always in my heart and prayers.....:-)Hugs

  4. I hope you had a ton of fun in Texas!
    Stay positive!!!