Saturday, June 11, 2011


It is night 2 in Florence for us. We got here last night with a little time to check out the area.
We stood in line for a good hour to see the David. The statue- very impressive. Though it may be a good thing that he wasn't alive when it was sculpted... Poor guy, he would have to tell everyone that it was cold in the room where he was modeling.
I am having a good time- though I still don't forget my woes. It sucks that I'm in ITALY and I can't enjoy a dinner. I threw up last night after dinner and today, right after seeing David, I rushed all over trying to find a bathroom- to find one JUST in time to puke out my nose and into a sink in the bathroom. Then once again on the way back to the hotel right on the sidewalk.
We got back to the room and I crashed for a while. By the time I got enough rest and got my bearings- It was 8'Oclock. So Micki and I found a nice restaurant and had a nice meal. I don't eat very much so I don't regret it later. Dinner has stayed down for now. We did have wine. Chianti is supposed to be the best here so I had some and YUM! I likey!

Well- there is much more to tell, but I'm waiting on the husband to get it together on the Skype so I can see my babies!

We're off to Pompeii tomorrow- driving down the coast. I can't wait for the madness........



  1. Oh Rachel I am so sorry you are so sick to your stomach, I want you to feel great while enjoying such a beautiful country. Let's hope your tummy will settle for the rest of your trip. I know you miss your girls but it is wonderful to make memories with your sister as well. Sending big hugs, and tons of prayers for a great trip......:-)

  2. AMEN to that what Bernie said... try drinking a little wine before you eat to see if that helps. And rather than having three big meals... try having littler ones with snacks in between so that your stomach acid doesn't get accumulated. Hope you loved Pompeii... did you do the drive along the Mediterranean Sea? When I was there - ages ago - I went with my father and the guides wouldn't let me into some of the rooms because I was considered "too young" at 18 to see some of the pictures!
    I am intending from afar that you are having a wonderful trip and that your dear husband is getting the Skype to work so you can connect with home...for the highest and best good of all concerned, so be it and SO IT IS! Whooooooo.

  3. Just a distraction for you--David's, ummm, you know, thing, looks small because Michaelangelo was such a gol darn good artist that, well, you can read the article for yourself!

    Oh, the stupid things I remember.

    Sheboygan Dan