Monday, June 13, 2011


At the Theater in Pompeii.

On the Grand Canal, Venice. I look like crud because this is right after the flight and on the way to the hotel. Note the smile anyway. :)

This is me in St Mark's Square, Florence. You can't see my yummy gelato.

Just got back form Pompeii. Wow. What an experience. A LOT of walking- and me sitting. But My sister is patient and there were a lot of ledges and steps and whatnot to sit on.
I THINK we saw most everything there. We didn't have a guide so we winged it. We found the bathouse (teehee) and the alley was packed with people from cruise ships on group tours. So the groups were taking turns going into the bathouse I guess, but since WE weren't with a group and there is just the 2 of us and there is just a little in and out why should we have to waith for the big ass groups to go? Well some lady practically clotheslined me to keep me from going past her. She said "Our group is next."
"We're not with any group." I said.
She just moved her considerable self into my way and stood there.
I fumed for quite a bit. Were the 2 of us supposed to wait until all the cruise ship groups went through before we could see it? Bullshit. I didn't see in any rules that was how things were supposed to go. I mean, there's graffiti on these aincient frescos, cigarrette butts in the aincient gardens and this beeyotch is worried about 2 girls getting in before her HUGE group? Whatev!
I fumed after it was done and was mad that I didn't say something more to her. I DID get a little revenge... after we got past her group we walked down one of the roads and as she emerged onto the same road she was turning to go the other way but turned in our direction to get a picture of the road.... she got her picture and me in it, flipping her the bird.

Juvenile, but satisfying.

So the hotel where we are staying is nice. The town- not so much. Though when we got here last night we were hungry and figured room service would be fine. I got spaghetti and Micki got linguini with seafood.
This was the WORST spaghetti I've ever tasted-undercooked, and just blech. And Micki's food was beyond gross- we may be ruined on seafood for the rest of the visit. Is it possible to have totally nasty food in Italy? I guess so! Everything up to that point was great... food wise. I DID manage to get a N.A.S.T.Y. drink that I figured woul be deee-lish. Poo- water with carbonation. Sucks to take a risk sometimes. heh,heh.
The drive down here was fun. Got to see lots of countryside, Tuscany and such. Beautiful. The fuel stops were crazy though. Crowded and RUDE people... I didn't take my time looking for nummys- just grab a Coke and go.

I got to Skype with the girls Saturday AND Sunday so i am a happy girl. And thank you Bernie for reminding me that though I miss my girls- I'm making fantastic memories with my sister. I am cherishing my time with her.

I Love My Sister.

So it's nap time right now then the Volcano museum this evening.


  1. You both look great and I am still laughing over that "road with the bird" picture. So happy for you seeing Italy, hope you both get better meals today. If I were there I would live on pizza and wine I'm sure....sending big hugs.....:-)

  2. Fantastic pics! You guys look great!

    Sheboygan Dan