Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A book?

I think I will, one day, turn this into a book. Because my life is an open book, my life is a soap opera and my life is a Lifetime TV Drama. So Really-why not?

Today brought a new nurse. Cheerier at least but I was hesitant to ask for pain meds. She started asking me if I wanted them. I talked to her about the previous 24 hours and she seemed to get it and not be so anti-rachel. I've meen getting what I need- so for the time, I'm over the other crap because I have other crap to worry about. Not a couple of nosy, judgmental nurses.

I got up and walked at 7am. Was hurting at the time, but I needed to get out and walk. Did a big lap. The physical therapist showed at 9am and I walked again, did some exercises- they felt easy to do... even hurting a bit. I don't know how that works.
I took a shower. Yes, TOOK A SHOWER. ahhhhhhh. But of course, that's when Dr. Sardi came in to talk to me. He said he'd come back but I didn't see him again today. he must've been busy, because he's good to his word. After the shower, the physical therapist showed for more walking and more exercises. Just after that my sister in law called to say she was about 25 miles outside Baltimore. Dad ended up meeting her at the Hope Lodge and having her follow him back here. I THOUGHT I'd get a nap while they were gone.
Anything BUT. The occupational therapist showed up. She was nice but very talky. I didn't want to seem irritated so every time she got off track with stories, I'd just say, ooooh, what's next? I was exhausted! I really just wanted to sleep. By the time she was done with me, I just wanted to lay down... but the nurse tech came in to do vitals. about 10 minutes after she was done.. in come Dad and Inga. No sleep for me. Dad had to leave so he could get home while there was still daylight.. I think he turns into a princess, no, a Harley Rider- at Dusk.. whatever. Har, har.
Then I was Great Company because I was tired and sore. I think I slept a bunch after Inga (sister-in-law) got here. Luckily she was really wanting to read some Reader's Digests. She had plenty of time to do it. Right now we're having tea and sweets. Already walked twice and got "the question" anwsered with a yes. Things look like I'll leave Wednesday. Hooray!

Tonight- things are good. I'll leave it there. That full moon can be pretty strange.


  1. Absolutely you should turn it into a book! Your writing rivals anything my favorite sarcastic authors have done. You are a hoot Rachel! Get well soon and come home. ;)

    Tammy Little

  2. Im so glad you got a decent nurse and the pain meds that you need. Hopefully you will get some sleep now but at least you are not lonely. I will be hospitalized in Pittsburgh andall my family and friends are in Philly. Oh well, it will be a peaceful break. I think of you often, particularly when driving to and from work (don't know why) and think that all of us are soul sisters. Glad to know you Rachel