Friday, September 17, 2010

On the other side of it.

Well folks- I see my husband did some updates during the surgery. He didn't really give the entire story.
Good News- he removed a lot of cancer, not a bunch was among my intestines- so no colostomy bag. From what I could comprehend- my stomach was a mess. The lining was all cancerousTurned onto itself and Dr. Sardi says he was suprised I could eat.
However, he couldn't remove all the cancer and did not do the wash because it is in my lymph nodes around my liver...

The only way to go from here is to find out if this cancer responds to a new chemotherapy and get to it.

I've been up to walk already. Dealt with an unfriendly nurse- cried from the pain of docs pulling off dressing. I have 87 staples from my pelvis to above my sternum. It's a real beauty.

I am at a standstill. I was really hoping that this would be the last of it. Onward I go. Damnit

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