Saturday, September 18, 2010

My mistake

Talked to Dr. Sardi again today (imagine that- a doctor that comes in on the weekend after a MAJOR surgery)
Anyway- here's the lowdown: He removed my gall bladder. He removed all the cancer that he could. That means he didn't remove everything. There is evidently cancer in a lot of the lymph nodes throughout my abdomen. There is a lot of it behind my liver, but so far my pancreas is okay.
He didn't do the chemo wash because he he doesn't think it does any good unless ALL the cancer is remove.
I misunderstood about my stomach- I guess my stomach had a lot of adhesions on the lining from the previous 2 IPHP surgeries. THANKS AGAIN Dr. Arnold.

As of right now- they are looking into what chemos will work on this cancer. That is basically the last resort.
I'll hold on to the little piece of good news that there is no colostomy bag. Yay


  1. Yeah for no poop bag. As for the rest...well...I am sorry it was not the outcome we were all hoping for. Stay strong!!

  2. Hey Rachel: I wanted to let you know that my Dr. from Sloan Kettering, Dr.Paty, says that my form of cancer is very sensitive to IV chemo and I think that may apply to all cell types of appendix cancer (I have Gobblett Cell). I say that because a lot of the online information is out of date. In any case, I am getting IV chemo (FOLFIRI) and I'm hoping for the best as well. My HIPEC will be in Jan in Pitt with Dr. Bartlett and he also says that many times he has to perform this kind of surgery several times (YAAAA EFFIN' HOOOO). In any case, my kind thoughts and good karma your, Kelly