Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I'm here...

Just waiting I guess...
I don't think I'll be sleeping easy tonight. I feel fat as hell, I am waiting to shave my legs tomorrow- get all gussied up just so they can look at my worst feature... my fat belly and my cancerous insides. I'd much prefer they would have a gander at my boobs,legs or eyes (the body parts I actually get compliments on) I wanna see just how nice Dr. Sardi is--- if he gives me a little tuck while I'm out. It's only humane to give a fat girl a little help in the flat stomach department when you're already gonna be slicing and dicing that area anyway.

Tomorrow I check in at 9am to get poked and prodded- WHILE I'M AWAKE- and answer a million questions I think. Just pre-op fun..Please don't weigh me, please don't weigh me, please don't weigh me....
We brought "Yahtzee", "Pass the Pig" and a puzzle. that won't be enough- so I will have my handy-dandy.... Notebook! (Thanks Blue!) I guess I'll be playing the hell outta some online games.
The Hope Lodge is nice... but I'm glad I'll only be here for one night and won't be here for the checkout. THAT would require cleaning and I don't think I'll be down for that.
So.... Lucky YOU! You will get One More update from me tomorrow night before 'Go Time' once again. Then it's off to the Caring Bridge site for you when you want updates. My sister AND husband have the info... but nowhere near the amount of gleaming, fluffy charisma that I've got. har har. I kid. I appreciate them doing it for me while I can't.
Off to "LaLa Land for me"... probably in a couple of hours.


  1. Lucky me! I'll be watching and waiting, and sending all the good mojo I've got for you. Sweet dreams.

  2. Rachel, I'm sending all the good vibes I can muster your way!!! You've made the best decision you can, so now it is time to relax and let the experts (real experts this time!) do whatever they can. There are no guarantees in life, but we make the best decisions we can when faced with tough choices. And then we keep moving....

    For now, your role is diminished for a few days... once you wake up, you can start up again. But rest your body and your brain, you'll need both to recover.

    I'm off on a business trip for the next week, but will be checking in whenever I can!

    Your PMP buddy,

    Sheboygan Dan

  3. By the way, my doctor didn't give me a tummy tuck either, but thanks to having much less in the way of intestines, I absorb less food. Which means instant weight control! Yay! I think... I live with immodium in a pez dispenser, basically.

  4. This stranger wishes your op to be a huge success Rachel....God bless you.