Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here's what I know at the moment

It seems the more I dig about this stupid ass cancer (pun intended) the less I know. Signet Ring Cell Adenocarcinoma affects .10% (notice the point?) of colon cancer patients... if that. (I'm gonna call it Colon cancer with Appendecial cancer tendencies just to annoy anyone who really doesn't care about me personally- but just wants to have that token "friend with cancer") My surgeon says he sees maybe 2 cases a year. I just gotta be different you know? I was UNDERWHELMED with the oncologist I saw last week. We'll Call her Dr. K... if you're ever in need of an oncologist- contact me and I will give you her real name so you can avoid her. She was inching towards the door as I was asking questions... I guess i was taking up too much of her time asking dumb questions about my inconvenient cancer. Thankfully, I will not be seeing her again- I will be going to Dr. Cawley in Marietta. I'm actually anxious to meet her because I've heard nothing but RAVE reviews about her. So here's the skinny: I will be meeting with Dr. C to schedule IV chemo treatments until IPHP chemo surgery is optimal. Since I had the right hemicolectomy I should be waiting at least 3 months post-op before doing IPHP chemo to avoid complications and setbacks. (IPHP is also known as HIPEC.. if you wanna know more- ) Then more IV chemo for a few weeks until the second round of IPHP 4-6 weeks after the first. Then more IV chemo.I gotta say that though we may have gotten off to a rough start- Dr. A (my surgeon) is a kick ass guy. He doesn't pussy-foot around anything and wants to tackle my cancer with guns blazing rather than a "wait and see" approach like Dr. K was suggesting. If she had cancer I doubt she'd be okay with a wait and see attitude then. grrrrr.So now- I wait for the 15th when I visit Dr. Cawley. It's almost like waiting for Christmas... what will suprise me next? Hopefully a wonderful suprise like candy or a pony instead of the "Waiting for the Day after Halloween" suprise where your front door has been spray painted with some obscenity that only makes sense if you're a 15 year old. Then it's just sad.. not because your front door is vandalized, but because you realize that you're an old fogie. GET OFF MY LAWN YOU DAMN KIDS!!!!I digress....I only know a bit more than I did yesterday, but I'm happy with Dr. A and his take caharge attitude. He seems to "get" the sense of urgency that I have.I don't know what the IV chemo will do to me, but I'll tell everyone right now- the SECOND my hair falls out in clumps, It's ALL coming off. I think I can rock a bald head... and I've always wanted to find out just WHAT my melon really looks like. No wigs for me- scarves, maybe... hats, maybe. But hell- if it's hot outside, it will just be SPF 45. ;)I want to add and stress that all the support, prayers, thoughts and well wishes I've gotten over the last 2 months has been overwhelming. I can't begin to thank everyone properly- so I "Pay It Forward" with you all in my heart. And I will continue to do so as long as I'm on this Earth- which will hopefully be a VERY long time. Remember to give your loved ones hugs and kisses... and NEVER miss a chance to tell them you love them with all your heart.Lata!Rachel

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